Deluxe Package

Pest control - Deluxe package

Platinum Pest Deluxe Package is the best solution to all your residential or business pest control needs. Treated areas are internal, external, plus roof.

From $120.00

Below are our standard prices for:

Unit Deluxe

Average 3 bedroom

Average 4 bedroom


Pest control Deluxe Package includes spraying for 18 different pests:

platinum pest cockroachesGerman Cockroaches
Oriental Crockroaches
Australian Cockroaches

platinum pest antsBlack Ants
Brown Ants
Bull Ants

platinum pest spiderWhite Tale Spider
Garden Spiders
Red Back

platinum pest waspBees

platinum pest cockroaches

Smokey Brown Cockroaches
American Cockroaches

platinum pest carpetbeetle

Carpet Beetles

platinum pest silverfish


platinum pest moth


platinum pest mice


platinum pest funel web

  • Funnel webs

Additional Service - Fleas, Birdlice, Bed Bugs, Ticks

GST Inc in all prices
Conditions apply

If you're located in any of Sydney areas and are in need of pest control service and you'd like to eradicate termites and or pests, please give us a call on  0423 524 232 or use our contact form.